13 Success Habits for Women Coaches

You may call them habits / practices these are some things I have picked up and tried over time and once I have analyzed them decided they were making the trip with me into 2017.



  1. Waking up earlier (and going to bed earlier) This this this for so many reasons. I’m all about that fit life like I mentioned before - but I’m also a single mom so if I want to get my fitness, my mindset work, my spiritual time and more in before the mini me gets up I have to get an early jumpstart. I’m currently at 4:30a.m. and thinking about hiking it up to 4 a.m. but to make that work I need to get into bed earlier. So while it sounds completely “unfun” yes i made that up, I have a bed time of 9 to 10 pm for my sanity 😉 .

  2. Following my gut - going with the flow. I'm a strategies girl through and through, but I've also learnt to embrace inspiration. Got an idea at the back of your mind? Run with it - even if it doesn't make sense. I've taken to doing spur of the moment launches: Journalling in the morning to implementing that same day. Your business is meant to be fun... keep it that way!

  3. Embracing my creativity - just creating... I get asked all the time: How on earth do you create so much content? I think it started by accepting that as a human one BIG advantage I have (and you do too) is the ability to create. I put my energy where I want it to flow, and that's to creating content. If you want to be content machine you need to start ACTING like one and that begins and ends with just CREATING.

  4. Taking the time I need for self care. Let's be real here: I moved to an island and I plan to really live the lifestyle. I plan to enjoy the beach, the warm weather, the absence of snow, the produce and embrace all the things I love so much about being here. There was a time when I had a strict self care day. It was super simple: rest, read, relax, recover, journal, get my creative juices flowing...

  5. Practice gratitude. it's so easy to see the negative and act on it. My goal is to focus on the positive, be grateful for EVERYTHING and continue on with my belief: there are no mistakes just lessons learnt.

  6. Focus on implementation and execution. I'm a planner - I love to come up with strategies and ideas and plan launches but if I am being honest, I have a lot more plans and ideas on paper than I ever got out into the world. Trust me when I say if I had acted more and planned less I would have not only made a BIGGER IMPACT but also hit my goals a whole lot faster.

  7. Investing in mastering my skill set and becoming the BEST for my clients and for myself. I've spent a BIG percentage of the money I made on improving my skill set, on learning and mastering what I do. I've bought smaller products, one off sessions with experts, intensives with coaches, long term coaching packages and even small group coaching sessions.

  8. Ditch perfectionism. When I created products, blog posts, podcasts episodes, videos a lot of them never launched because they weren't "perfect" but then I came to realise my clients love me and my value for just what it is and so I skipped the over analysing and the perfectionism and as a result I have reached MORE WOMEN, and helped MORE coaches get results. Perfectionism will keep you broke... perfectionism will keep you safe: EXECUTION will get you RESULTS.

  9. Reading (cheat: audio books) I'm just playing, however you get your books in works -but I have committed to reading DAILY and not just for fun but something that adds some kind of value to myself. The bible, self help books, self mastery books, books specific to my area of expertise etc...

  10. Make mindset work and self mastery a priority. This is one of the most important goals. One thing that you must master in order to go BIG no matter what your area of expertise is - is your mind. Whatever you can see in your mind you can accomplish in reality.

  11. Learn from the best. I keep a coach on deck. Period. In one form or the other you should always be learning and who better to learn from than someone who has been there and done what you want to accomplish?

  12. Implementing a morning practice and sticking with it. I don't just wake up early for fun I have a morning practice that gets me into the right frame of mind to face my day. Every day is a brand new opportunity to do better and to accomplish something great. How you start your day will directly influence how you end your day.

  13. Face my fears head on. I'm pretty fearless unless we're talking roller coasters and crazy rides at fairs but when it comes to going after what I want and doing the extraordinary I'm your girl but deep down I've realised that when I set big goals, or I accomplish something amazing small hidden fears pop up and these are killer. I made a promise to myself to always face my fears, never run away and to give 100% no matter what.



These are my 13 habits I'm taking with me. Do you have some favorites from above? Will you implement any of them? Let me know in the comments below! 



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