What does it look like to work with a Business Coach and Strategist?

You’ve heard somewhere… cue all the other coaches who are killingit online that if you want to fast track your online success you need some 1:1 help.

You’ve heard that coaches have coaches and that expert help and advice will help you quantum leap your results…


First off, what's the difference between a coach and a strategist? 

A coach will work with you to show you HOW to get something done. 

For example: a certain type of business coach can  help you launch your business online 


A strategist on the other hand is someone who helps you come up with a game plan, a strategy to accomplish a specific result. 


You can see why both are so amazing and can definitely do wonders for your business and that's why working with someone who is both a coach (facilitates you doing something - launch your coaching business) and a strategist (creates a customised strategy to help you accomplish a specific goal - attract and book more clients) can be such a big deal. 


When you work with me you get both: a business coach and a business strategist (talk about win, win right?) 


So that sounds good, but I know deep down there are still a few fears holding you back. Let's talk about those shall we? 

work with business coach business strategist

Thing 1: You don’t know if you have the time to really work with a coach right now.

I mean, there’s that thing called life - you’re busy - do you really have time to spend working 1:1 with a coach?

To answer your question: when we work together you’ll need about 2 hours per day getting started. The more systems and processes you implement the less time you’ll have to spend on the behind the scenes of your business.

Clients on Autopilot is all about: Working smart once and then let your work continue working for you.


Thing 2: Is it really worth the investment to work 1:1 with an online coach and strategist?

The alternative is: join an expensive group program (the few I’ve seen who may give you most of what you need will run you anywhere from $5500 - $19,000) and that’s without customization, without 1:1 support and without me working my “magic” with you for an entire 90 days to ensure that you build your business right the first time.

OR: you can buy a course about every single thing we’ll implement and run yourself dangerously close to $8,000 and still be confused and completely overwhelmed at the end of it all.


Thing 3: Couldn’t you just buy a course and figure it out?

You could. But if you wanted a “course” that will teach what we will implement it would be pretty hard to find. What you would need are several courses and several months going through these courses - learning, testing, tweaking… pulling your hair out and depleting the coffee supply in your area.

When we work together it’s all customised FOR YOU and to your business. You aren’t combing through tons of information trying to figure it out - you’re learning (it’s being done with you so you can do it over and over again) but you’re also taking action, so that at the end of the 90 days together you have a full business that’s capable of attracting clients on autopilot over and over again.


Thing 4: Does it really work? Will this program really help me build a business that can attract dream paying clients on autopilot?

Yes, yes, and a resounding yes bearing in mind that this all depends on you showing up, doing the work and being an action taker, however this 1:1 coaching program is not theoretical. I’ve used these exact steps and this exact framework to build my own coaching business, my clients have used these steps and now you will use them so you can finally feel confident in your strategy and in growing your business.

The reason why most women coaches fail to see the results they’re looking for is because they spend so much time learning and not enough time executing.

That’s why when I work with my clients it’s all about IMPLEMENTATION. I like to call my coaching packages (done with you packages) because unlike most coaches I don’t tell you what to do and then send you to hunt around on YouTube or Pinterest to figure it out.


Every week we get on a call where we share screens and take action or we hash out strategy and define specific action steps that we work on together throughout the week.

I work with you and get everything set up within 90 days.


Every step has the time built in to execute in more than one way.Need to set a tool up to finish your funnel and you can’t figure it out? There is a tutorial video for that or we get on a video call where you share your screen and I walk you through it step by step.

You get custom workflows for key process:

Need to run a webinar - there’s a workflow for that

Ready to go live? - a work flow for that

Time to create a funnel - a workflow for that

Ready to create a blog post? You guessed it - a workflow for that process


And you get lifetime access to those materials.


And the best part I’m only an email away so if you need an answer, if you need help you can get in touch with me via a clients only email address.


WHY am I so high touch and hands on with my clients?

I’ve been where you are: building a business and trying to make every dollar count.

I’ve been where you are not knowing which step came first and where the other steps were supposed to fit.

I’ve spent YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars figuring all of this out and I know that the secret sauce is having an expert, someone who has been there and done that before, work hand in hand with you and guide you step by step in the right direction.

It’s not about more information it’s about the right information. It’s about taking the right steps at the right time, it’s having a blend of strategy and execution that can only get you the results you need for your business and that’s why Clients on Autopilot is the absolute best fit if you’re ready to work with a coach to build your online sales machine so you can start attracting and booking clients on autopilot.


Inside Clients on Autopilot you will receive:

12 x 1:1 coaching calls so that you stay on track

12 weeks of email coaching and support so that you’re never a lone you are just an email away from an answer

Custom resources and materials inside a private client folder so that you won’t have to spend hours and hours on YouTube trying to figure it out

I have 2 spots available this month to work with me 1:1.

Click here to secure your spot and start attracting clients on autopilot.


What does it really Mean to Book Clients on Autopilot as an online Coach?

For many of us women who are building our online coaching business we have a similar goal and dream for our business.

The Dream - being able to build your online business that not only pays the bills but allows you some of the luxuries (if not all) that you dream of.

But first, where do you get started?

What is the BEST STEP to take when launching your online coaching / service based business?

Answer: You need to have a system, a process, a strategy in place to start booking clients consistently in your business.

If your business isn’t attracting clients then you aren’t in business - period. Clients are the way you make your money and… as a coach or service provider not only do you want to attract clients but you want to do so on a consistent basis and on autopilot so the overwhelm of having to chase clients and hustle day in and day out is eliminated. 

get coaching clients online

Now let’s look at THE BIG PICTURE: What does it really take to book clients on autopilot?

  1. Strategic Content - not just creating content because you "have to" but creating content that is focussed on helping you accomplish your main goal: book clients online. That means that your content needs to not only be compelling and converting but highly intentional and focused on your overall goal. 

  2. Simple Funnel - this will automate most of the heavy lifting that you would normally do manually. This funnel will attract your ideal clients to you, convert them into fans and high quality prospects and make attracting and booking clients who are ready to buy much much simpler. 

  3. Strategy you can take all the way to the bank and not just throwing any and everything at your business that is hot at the moment. You need a strategy you're confident in and consistent with and that's when you'll start to see the results you want. 


See the reason why most women coaches aren’t attracting paying clients on autopilot is because they’re just throwing strategies and marketing techniques around with no intention behind them.

  • You need to have goals for your business that you can aim for (strategically)
  • You need to have a reason WHY you’re doing the activities you are doing (working with intention)
  • You need a strategy and a plan you believe in
  • And then you need consistency in implementing the strategy


Let’s take a look at what booking clients on autopilot LOOKS LIKE for you in your business:

  • You attract only the best quality potential subscribers
  • You have a list of quality potential clients you communicate with and nurture
  • Your email list churns out hot prospects who want what you have to offer
  • You convert prospects into paying clients over and over again on demand

No more chasing and wonder what to do next - you know what activities to focus on and what activities will get you clients


You can work less hours but make a bigger impact on your audience and your business,

You eliminate the constant stressful hustle mode and move into working like a boss and business owner - with purpose,

You generate consistent clients and income

You avoid the frustration, burn-out and overwhelm that almost seems to be inevitable these days.


Booking clients on autopilot shouldn't be a myth or a story you hear about from other online coaches, a dream that's out of reach. Booking clients on autopilot isn’t a theory - it’s a science. Not only that it’s also SIMPLE once you know what to do.

When you have a process, a strategy and someone to guide you while building your business the way it should be from the ground up you can't help but get the results you deserve sooner rather than later.


Most women coaches give up on their businesses because they just don't know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and in what order.  That does not have to be you - it's exactly why I created Clients on Autopilot so you can have the steps, the guidance and at the end the business that can attract your paying clients on autopilot.


Learn all about Clients on Autopilot below now

The "Secret" to Attracting Clients on Autopilot as an Online Coach

I know you believe that something as good as booking clients on autopilot must be complicated and there must be some secret that is being kept from you.

Well I'm answering a question I get asked a lot in some form or the other: "What is the secret behind you being able to book clients on autopilot?"

get coaching clients on autopilot

Truth is, it's not complicated and it's not some elusive secret... 

The Answer: Your Email List.

You've probably heard that the “money is in the list” before but… what is often left out is that the money is only in the list if it’s built correctly from the start.


Imagine: You have a $2,000 package and you want to book 5 clients into this package.

You have about 100 subscribers on your email list and you send out a series of emails and content to your email list of subscribers who already know you, like you and trust you.


The content and emails are designed to introduce and launch your offer and fill those five spots.


With a small list you've just booked $10,000 in clients!


These are just examples showing you what's possible.

But here's the deal: the secret to attracting clients on autopilot isn’t just building a huge list - as you’ve seen before you don’t need a big list. It’s all about the quality of that list and positioning your subscribers to see your offer as the solution and therefore converting them into being hot prospects.

So how exactly does that work?

First off you need to attract the right potential clients and convert them into subscribers.

To do this you need content. Most coaches create content because they “heard they should” - however every piece of content you create should have a specific goal attached to it.

The first goal is to attract potential subscribers. These content pieces will work for you over and over to attract your ideal clients for you so, once you’ve done the work once it will continue to work for you over and over again.

Once you’ve attracted them next up is converting them into being subscribers.

To do this you’ll create a sweet gift for them that they just can’t resist called an opt-in offer / lead magnet or as I call it a client magnet. This converts the BEST PROSPECTS into being sibscribers and now they are even closer to being clients.

Once they become subscribers now you can nurture and build know like trust so that when you do make an offer it’s more likely to convert.

Your next goal is to build know like and trust with your new subscribers.

To do this you will create a series of emails that takes your new subscriber from not having a clue who you are to becoming a part of your community, seeing you as THE SOLUTION and that you are the best expert and person to help them accomplish their goal.

Yes - it is simple, and yes there are a few things you can do to sweeten the pot and move the needle a bit further along and faster BUT the main secret behind clients on autopilot is having a group of potential clients you can make an offer to that are more likely to say yes.


That’s the secret - building an email list that is filled with hot prospects that you can get your offer in front of that are more likely to convert to paying clients.


The best part? You can implement this all as well as long as you have the steps. Want the free guide with all the steps and more? Download it free below now. 

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