8 Lessons Learnt Building my Online Coaching Business you need to Know

I’ve been coaching for a while - even when I didn’t label myself as a coach (even now I would rather not label myself as a coach but it gets the point across) 


I’ve made a ton of mistakes (I’ll probably share those another time) but I’ve taken most mistakes and learnt valuable lessons from them and there are 5 of my biggest lessons you need to know - 


(this goes for more than coaches, any one in a service related field) 



Lesson One: Service First Always. 

What do I mean by this? 

It doesn’t matter how much someone pays you - always show up at 100% EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 


My first paying client was $37 for almost 2 weeks of work. Yep - $37. 

I had no idea how much to charge so I just threw that number at him, sent an invoice and honestly did not expect to be paid. My second client I had more confidence (I charged $67 - don’t judge) 


But I had a steady stream of clients coming in from my first client because I didn’t treat him as if he paid me $37 I treated him like he paid me $3700. 


I stayed in touch with him, 

Got his feedback, 

I had a simple client agreement, 

and then following delivery I stayed in touch for a while to make sure everything was good. 


He was blown away by the process and as a result I got several other clients from him. 


Lesson - every client matters, all clients should be treated as if they paid you top dollar. ACT like a premium coach and you will become a premium coach. 


Lesson Two - Systems matter. 

Having processes and systems in place will save your life. 

Knowing what steps to take for every package and every type of client is life changing. 


Example in my 30 day offers I keep a running spreadsheet to keep track of clients and of deliverables! 


In my higher end offers, I set up a calendar for calls, for surprises and for check-ins. 


You want to delight clients every step of the way 




Lesson Three - Set Boundaries and Know your Limits. 

As a newer coach I really really over delivered like in a crazy crazy way. 


I would add tons of bonuses that added days of extra work to my plate and make myself available at all times which led to me getting burnout and being super tired. 


Nope not a lifestyle focussed model at all… it’s what really got me focussing on building a coaching business that was focussed on building a fulfilling life I enjoyed and helping other women just like you do the same. 


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Lesson Four - Follow your Gut

Create fun offers in your business (once you’re in a position to do so) 


If you’re already booking consistent clients, 

If you’ve nailed list growth and community building 

If you’ve figured out the art of selling through content then mix it up and have some fun! 


Every so often, I would focus on offers that are more fun than strategic or business focussed. I will price them in ways that are super ridiculous but it's what my gut is saying to do. 


Ask yourself: 

  1. What is something your community NEEDS that does not have to be driven by price
  2. What is a super simple but effective offer you can create and deliver
  3. What is something that you would have FUN doing and that will have a BIG impact on the person that does it?

You’re probably thinking why not just do it for FREE. Well... most people need some skin in the game to take something seriously and - I’ve done both: FREE content and offers like my "Ultimate Client Booking Bundle" learn all about it below: 


as well as paid offers like my 1:1 Sold Out Coaching Sessions. 

It’s all about balance - and keeping your business fun so you avoid getting burnt out. 


Lesson Five - Weekends were created for a reason. 

You need the time off to recharge, coaching is hard work! 


I created a 3 day weekend a bit differently to most online entrepreneurs.


Half days on Mondays and Fridays and the regular 2 day weekend. 


Depending on how my schedule is I even enjoy 3 1/2 days weekends with a full day off on Mondays! Yay!! 


BUT if I’m not booked out, 

and I have set goals for my business I will work harder than usual and take only the regular 11/2 to 2 day weekends but I’ve made a consious decision to not skip my weekends anymore and be intentional on how I spend them. 



Lesson Six - Progress Reports

Working with clients it’s important to gauge where they were and where they are now. 

Some clients expect miracles and it’s up to you to let them know exactly what they’ve accomplished and show them the progress they’ve made. 


For example did you get started making $0 and now you’re making $2000? hello? most people don’t hit that mark for years. 


Or maybe you had no online following and now you have a following of 1,000 or more? 




Lesson Seven - You’re not a miracle worker. 


I’ve worked with several coaches who carry the guilt around because clients blame them for not getting results. 


But upon digging deeper, the clients didn’t do the work, 

didn’t implement and then therefore? Didn’t get the results. 


Super simple. 


You don’t work miracles as a coach - you facilitate growth and development. 


You also need to manage client expectation - what can they realistically expect? 


Make a list of what you help them with, 

Show them what is POSSIBLE based on your results and past client results 

Support them in taking action 


That’s it. 


Lesson Eight - Keep Going. 

It will get tough, I’m not going to lie to you BUT it gets hardest right before your breakthrough. 


Right when I thought that things would never look up - BOOM I booked my biggest client, then another and had my biggest month to date. 


Did it all happen over night? NO. 

Was it easy? NO.

But once I put my blinders on, focussed on what I wanted and needed RIGHT THEN in my business - PAYING CLIENTS and followed a strategy that worked for me before everything started to fall into place. 


You can have this same success in your business but it starts with 

  1. taking action 
  2. getting the help you need 
  3. making the decision to go the long haul 


These were some lessons I’ve learnt building my coaching business… I hope they were helpful. 


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How to Create Client Attractive, Captivating and Converting Graphics for FREE

 I get asked about my graphics a lot, and even though I will never advise my clients to go out and drop a few G's (thousand dollars) on their website and branding before they're making enough money to do it without batting an eye - you still do need to have some kind of branding in place. 

I say this because social media is becoming more and more visual. 

Snapchat has taken over, 

Instagram is blowing up even more 

and even on Facebook an emphasis is being made on videos and imagery which all boils down to stellar branding. 

So... if you've been wondering how I create my graphics, you're in luck! 

I show you how to create blog post graphics like the one below (I actually recorded how to create the one below in just about 60 seconds (or was that just in my head),  and I also shared tips, and hacks and overall how to use Canva for FREE to do all this amazingness - yes no photoshop. (and yes I just made that word up) 


Before we dive in here are few helpful resources: 

1. I use Canva (free or paid will do the trick to create my graphics) click here to check it out <<<

2. I love and use wonderfelle stock photos, check them out by clicking here

and 3. I have a FULL Tutorial/ Course that you can dive into for just $10 learn all about it by clicking here. 


Let's dive in. 

create client attractive graphics tutorial for coaches

I can't wait to see what you create! Comment below if this was helpful or if you have any questions! 

FREE Summer School for Coaches

I am so excited to announce FREE Summer School for Coaches. 

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