Do You Need a Business Coach or a Strategist (how to know which is the best for you)

I know that you have a question or 5 about what your next steps are in your business, 

what exactly do you need to take your business to the next level? i.e. more freedom, more clients, more cash flow? 


Do you need another course? 

Maybe you need a coach? 

Or what about a strategist? 


Let's answer that for you so you can make the best possible decision and once and for all - start getting results in your business...

do you need a business coach or business strategist?

Do you need a Course?

Well, if you know you have a weakness in a specific area, you're insanely disciplined and you will take action by going through the course and implementing then yes a course may be a good option. 

But again, courses are best when you want to get results with something specific, when you know exactly what it is you need to focus on and you're ready to do the work on your own to make it happen. 


Do you need a coach?

A coach is perfect for you if you are new, have been in the game for a while or even a veteran in the game BUT you're ready to up level with accountability and support. Coaches help you dig deep - 

A coach will listen in to what you may perceive as a bunch of gibberish and make sense of it all... 

A coach is your best friend in business because they will not only stay by your side as you're growing but they'll push you to your greatest potential and stretch you so you really reach and accomplish your biggest goals. 


Do you need a strategist?

Strategy, at the end of the day - no business is the same, so having someone who can: 

  • analyse your business, where it is and assess your goals all while creating a game plan to help you accomplish them 
  • come up with a customized strategy for you and make tweaks as needed 
  • help you with putting the puzzles together and creating a complete picture

You're probably thinking... well it seems like I could use both a coach and strategist.And having the materials from a course to review would also be amazing. 


Well you're in luck! 

Inside perfect your sales process you get both a coach and strategist in one. Not only that you also get access to a proven system - which means you can replicate the process over and over. 

Once we're done working together you'll have templates, checklists, cheatsheets in a private client folder that you can refer to over and over again. 


I'm a firm believer in the old saying "teach a man to fish he'll never go hungry". 

I'm there as your coach to guide you, support you and hold you accountable BUT I'm also there as a strategist showing you how to make tweaks, how to implement the processes and how to leverage the power of online marketing over and over. 


Perfect your sales Process gives you the best of 3 worlds: 

  • a coach 
  • a strategist 
  • a system 

You don't have to go out and invest in 3 separate programs you can have a fully customized program just for your business with Perfect your Sales Process.


You're probably wondering do I have the time to work with a coach/ strategist in this way? 


The program is broken down in such a way that yes you learn, in a guided fashion with me right there with you step by step in our 1:1 private calls, but then we have our implementation time where we actually put what we talk about into action. 

If you have 1 hour to meet me with me bi-weekly and 2 hours to invest into your business implementing what we covered then you're good to go. 

The great thing about the way I work with my clients is you get a done with you service which means you don't have to spin on your heels trying to figure every little step out - I work with you to get everything set up FASTER so you get to the money making part of business SOONER. 

During our 12 weeks together you not only get access to me during our private 1:1 calls, 

you also get access to me via email (hey your business is a 24/7 gig so if you have a problem I'm just an email away) 

You also get access to custom resources as needed 

And my full training library with past and present courses. 


You get access to the perfect blend of 1:1 access to me, digital resources and on going support and accountability. This program is designed for you to take ACTION and therefore GET RESULTS. 


Getting Clients shouldn't be a guessing game... and it isn't! It's a science and I've got you covered.


There are 3 spots available inside Perfect your Sales Process, secure your spot and let's build your sales machine so you never have to guess where, when or how your next client is coming in -

The #1 Mistake you're Making that's Costing you clients and Killing your Coaching Business

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Part 3: What is a Sales Process and how can it fill your calendar with paying coaching clients?

You're making a mistake that's costing you paying clients and killing your coaching business - 

sadly you probably have no idea what this mistake is and if you're like most other coaches you're doing the opposite thinking that it is the right thing to do. 

No more... we're going to end the vicious cycle and start doing things the right way starting as soon as you're done reading this blog post. 

Coffee in hand? 

Phone on silent? 

Let's Go... 

The #1 mistake? 

Waiting to sell.


The number one mistake that online coaches just like you are making? 


It’s waiting to sell. It's waiting to tell your ideal clients that you have a way to solve their problem and NOW (faster, bigger, better than they could on their own). 


You’re probably thinking… but that’s the opposite of EVERYTHING I have been hearing online, you’ve probably been hearing just show up, be of service and the clients will come. 




That is not the case. 


Yes you need to show up, 

Yes you need to be of service (but that should be automatic since we are in a service based industry right?) 

but you need to sell more. 


When you make more offers you make more money - seems simple right? 

But sadly for us women coaches it’s easier said than done. 


If you look around the online space at men and women who are killing it - they have one main thing in common: they aren’t afraid to sell. 


You need to start selling more and you need to start selling from hello. 


Hear me out: 

When your ideal client comes into contact with you and reads your amazing content, 

and then they opt-in for your free gift they’re raising their hand and saying hey I have a problem… and who has the solution? YOU DO. 


But so do other coaches and service providers out there. 


When I first got started and decided to give give give and relied on hope and prayer that my potential clients would figure out in some way how to hire me - I lost a lot of potential clients just because I was scared to make an offer and those same potential clients, realizing that they had a problem went in search of a solution from another coach. 


Yes this happens every single day. 


When your ideal clients meet you and realize they have a problem you need to offer a solution sooner rather than later. 


So how do you do this? 


Using your sales process you’re already priming them and positioning yourself as the solution. 


The next step is to make an offer. 


ONE: When they opt-in to your funnel on your thank you page you can make a low cost offer (called a trip wire) that allows them to get a bigger solution or take a bigger action right away. 


TWO: Nurture your new subscribers and then make your offer - your package, your service. But sooner rather than later. 


THREE: Straight up offer a call with you, whether it’s a sales call or a free coaching call that you convert into a sales call so you build know like trust and start filling your calendar with potential client calls. 


I can’t stress enough how important it is to make a paid offer available as soon as possible especially if you have a powerful sales process in place because your ideal clients will be biting at the bait to get a solution… and you are just that. 


Perfect your Sales Process is a 12 week 1:1 Service that teaches you and helps you implement my proven process for attracting and converting dream clients (even when you're not actively working on your business) 

Click here to secure your spot now. 

Enrollment Ends and the price Doubles March 26th.

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What is a Sales Process and how can it fill your calendar with paying coaching clients?

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You’ve heard the word funnel slung around the internet multiple times… and once again you see the word funnel and your eyes glaze over.


What is a sales funnel?

What is a sales process?

And… more importantly how will it fill up your calendar with paying coaching clients?

I get this question over and over again, it’s a great question and I am going to share the solution with you.

what is a sales process and how can it get you paying coaching clients?

What on earth is a sales process?

A sales process is a structured system that takes your potential client and converts them into a paying client using content (webinars, blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, social media posts…) and your funnel.


Your funnel attracts your ideal clients and takes them through a sequence of steps that nurtures and primes them to hire you - the solution to their problem.


How exactly does it all work?


It all comes down to creating strategic content and taking your potential client on a journey to making a buying decision and hiring you.


There are 3 Specific Conversions that you want your ideal clients to go through:


  1. Convert your audience into Subscribers: they raise their hand and indicate they are interested and they want to learn more. They know that they need what your free offer is and by indicating this open up to more education and a further solution.

  2. Convert your Subscribers into Fans (community members, your tribe, potential clients): this is your warm audience, they’ve taken a further step towards you and are saying by their actions (reading your emails, watching your videos, checking out your blog posts over and over again, replying to emails) that they know - like and trust you.

  3. Convert your Fans/ Potential Clients into Paying Clients: You’ve shown them their problem, you have educated them on the problem and positioned the solution, you get them to take some action and now they see you as the obvious next step.

When you implement your sales process you:

  • Go from posting frantically in Facebook Groups and crossing your fingers that some notices - instead you know exactly when, where and what to post for MAX results

  • Flawlessly execute sales calls so they end in “Yes, where do I started” instead of “let me think about it” “I can’t afford it” or flat out NO.

  • Land interviews on podcasts and blogs that are followed by truckloads of your ideal clients without having to sell your first born son in return

  • You go on family vacations and enjoy the weekend… because now your business works for you (even when you aren’t actively working on it)


If you’re ready to build your own sales process sign up for the ultimate cheatsheet to creating your perfect sales process below and get started right away.